The Way Nissan Tests Its Vehicles' Durability Is Just Bizarre

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Well, at least some of the ways are.

Nissan has just revealed industry secrets about how the automaker tests its SUVs and CUVs and some things are weird. Ever since the Nissan Qashqai was introduced in 2007, Nissan has performed over 150,000 tests to ensure that the vehicles are up to the automaker's standards. And some tests are extremely strange. For instance, the Nissan X-Trail, Juke and Qashqai have to be able to play music at a high volume for 1,200 days using special tracks to cover a range of pitches and beats, including Mariah Carey and German House. Yeah…

Another test the brand does is drop weights on the glass roof to ensure that it can withstand the weight of a brown bear. Other parts like the windows are opened and closed by robots at least 30,000 times per model, while volcanic dust from Japan is used to test against scratching and the durability of the electric window mechanism. Additional tests on the vehicles include running the windscreen wipers for 480 hours, deploying the right and left turn signals 2.25 million times, testing over twenty driver seat variations for comfort more than 300 times and ensuring that the interior can resists stains from every day items. Who knew Mariah Carey's music could be used for good?

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