The Wheels Literally Fall Off the Toyota C-HR

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Yes, a recall has been issued.

Toyota has just issued a voluntary recall for the 2019 model year C-HR for a potentially catastrophic problem with the wheels. The recall only blankets 700 vehicles, but it does involve the risk of one of the vehicle's rear wheels falling off.

The issue at hand lay with the C-HR's rear axle hub bearing bolts, one, or potentially more of which many have not been properly tightened at the factory. This could result in the bolts working themselves loose while in motion, leading to the loss of one, or potentially both of the rear wheels, in a worst-case scenario.


Toyota's statement on the matter stated that the loose axle bearing could lead to rear brake damage or a detached wheel "resulting in reduced brake performance or a potential loss of vehicle stability. This could increase the risk of a crash." Go figure.

The cars in question have already made their way into worst-case hands, and the company must have caught the issue after such a small batch, otherwise, we would have been dealing with a stop-sale order from the government.


Toyota will begin notifying affected customers in early November and will request that vehicles be brought into the nearest Toyota dealer, which will replace the entire axle hub assembly if the bolts have worked themselves loose, otherwise they will tighten them to spec.

It's been busy on the Toyota recall front as of late, with 807,000 Prius' recalled for a software fix, just last week.


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