The 'Which BMW M Car Do You Rate' Debate Rages On

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BMW M Cars are regarded as the pinnacle of perfection, but given a limited choice, what's your poison?

The crew over at Carfection were lucky enough to get their hands on a few M-badged cars, and did the most logical thing you could so with them - they took them to a track to thrash them around a bit. The contenders for this BMW vs. BMW test are the fierce and compact M2, the bigger brother in the form of an M4 and the insane uncle that scares everyone at family gatherings, the special edition M4 GTS.

But which M Car could you live with on a daily basis? If you click the link, you'll find one opinion that may help. However, before the fight, we need to measure up the contestants.

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BMW's M2 brings a turbocharged 3.0-liter straight six with 365 hp and 343 lb-ft to the ring. A good number even though it's size belies a weight not far off the bigger M4. The M4's stats come in at 425 hp and 410 lb-ft, bigger numbers for a bigger car. The limited and rather expensive racecar-for-the-street version of the M4, the GTS, is not too dissimilar in size, but it's been put on a diet to shop the weight down and also received a few motor tweaks that give it a power output of an impressive 500 hp with 442 lb-ft. Given the choice of these three M Cars, which would you pick? Based on looks alone, GTS wins hands down. Fancy wheels, carbon bits and spoilers, a roll cage and that titanium exhaust cannot be overlooked.

Straight away the normal M4 is not even a consideration for me. Even if I could afford the premium over the other two, I think I'd have the M2 parked in my garage. It ticks all my boxes, the size is great, the power is just right and the interior is a place I could spend many hours. It also looks the part, that aggressive front end is all people will see in their rear-view mirrors before hastily moving out of your way. Watch the video to see if Carfection agrees.

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