The Wild Wild Eastern Bloc

Senseless violence takes on new meaning on the mean streets of Russia.

There’s any number of reasons why some of us here in the CarBuzz office have no intention of ever visiting Russia. Never mind the lingering radiation from nuclear meltdowns, meteors falling from the sky, never-ending winters or some of the worst drivers in the world. It’s also just plain dangerous, and we don't mind admitting we’d be afraid for our lives. Take this latest video to come out of a country obsessed with dashboard cameras. Here’s someone driving down the street, minding his own business when a guy at the crosswalk pulls a gun.

For no apparent reason, he fires off a single shot, then carries on his merry way. Aside from the obvious danger of hitting someone, we can’t help but wonder what sort of lesson that teaches the kid who’s hand he’s holding while it all goes down.

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