The Wonderfully Insane Ariel Nomad Has Arrived In The US


You should be tempted.

Just in time for its off-road performance with Matt LeBlanc at the wheel on the revamped Top Gear, the Ariel Nomad off-road hellraiser can now be bought in the US. And like its track-tastic Atom counterpart, the US-spec Nomad will also be manufactured in the US by TMI AutoTech, Inc. Those anxious to pull the trigger and buy one should be able to place their orders shortly, if not already. One of Ariel's US dealers, ACE Performance, located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts was recently handed the keys to the first completed Nomad.

A couple of its sales guys then did the most obvious thing: they took it for an off-road joyride. And it looks like they actually took it pretty easy, not even coming close to unleashing the Nomad's full capabilities. We'll leave that to Joey Tribbiani next Sunday on Top Gear.

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