The World Looks Like A Strange Place Through The Eyes Of Tesla's Autopilot

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Looks like we're closer to full autonomy than we previously thought.

It was widely known that when Autopilot first graced the Tesla Model S, that full autonomy was the eventual goal. That was 2014, and two years later, with Tesla's goal of full SAE certified Level 5 autonomy by 2017 fast approaching, we're beginning to see the fruits of Tesla's labor appear little by little. When Elon Musk announced that Autopilot 2 was coming to all new Teslas, things got a bit exciting, especially when it was backed up by a demo of the system.

Well apparently Tesla thinks it's time for Demo number two, so it posted this video showing off what the sensors see on a normal drive.

While the demo shows that the sensors can clearly distinguish road signs, lane markings, pedestrians, and other cars, we can infer a few things from the video. One is the fact that the system works incredibly well and already seems to be a huge leap ahead from Autopilot. On the other hand, it's still not perfect. It appears to lurch forwards a bit when stopping at stop signs and even came to a full stop behind some pedestrians walking along the shoulder of the road. For now, we're happy that the technology is still being tested and worked to perfection. Thanks to Tesla's PR people, we can witness the process on YouTube.

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