The World's Craziest Drag Race Pits A Snowmobile Against These Two Ferraris

Welcome to the awesomeness that is the Modball Rally.

Drag races don’t get much stranger than this, folks. Yes, that’s a snowmobile lining up to race not one but two Ferraris. The Prancing Horses in question are the F430 and 458 Italia Spider. Just how exactly did this insane race come to be? Welcome to the Modball Rally, where the only rules are that your car must have at least two modifications (cosmetic or mechanical). No word on whether or not the snowmobile is running the actual event, which goes from England to Spain.

This is easily one of the strangest drag races you’ll ever watch, unless snowmobiles regularly race supercars where you live. If so then this is just another day for you.

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