The World's Fastest Street Legal Shed Uses Nitrous Oxide And Goes 97 MPH


Okay. So, this is different.

Everyone has their hobbies and interests and British gardener Kevin Nicks has a thing for sheds. He’s also quite handy. So when he came across a nearly totaled Volkswagen Passat, he realized it could be salvaged, just not in the usual way. Combining his interest in sheds and general handiness, he built what’s turned out to be the world’s fastest street legal shed. If there’s something else like this thing out there, please let us know about it, otherwise Nicks wins for 100 percent originality.

In fact, he designed and built this moving shed with his daughter, and the Passat’s 2.8-liter V6 survives. Thing is, it makes just 200 hp, hardly enough to move the 2.5 ton, steel-framed shed. The answer to this problem was a bottle of nitrous oxide, which added another 75 ponies.

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That’s good enough for Nick to take the shed drag racing. He’s already set an official record for the world’s fastest shed (there are others??) at 96.8 mph. Now, he’s hoping to beat that time and break the 100 mph mark. Nicks also drove through the UK to raise money for charity and no doubt received plenty of stares, both admiring and WTF-like, along the way.