The World's First Koenigsegg Owners Meet Was More Incredible Than We Thought

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Over 10% of the world's Koenigsegg's were there!

We just saw a video of Christian Von Koenigsegg at the first Koenigsegg owners meet. That clip of the company's founder driving around in the new Regera got us wondering how the rest of the meet went. Fortunately we didn't have to wonder for long as the Koenigsegg blog has just released a full write-up on the historic event. A total of 15 owners showed up, which apparently represents a little over 10% of all the company's cars in existence. Yeah, this owners meet was something special alright.

Here's a clip Koenigsegg put together of the event, which made its way through both Denmark and Sweden. It included a bunch of fancy dinners and spirited driving sessions. Yes, we would have given anything to be there.

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