The World's First Turbine Supercar Has The Potential For Greatness


Chinese funded. Italian built. OK, it's got our interest.

Only days ago, we reported on how the Chinese supercar maker Techrules has amassed some pretty key talent to aid its development of an upcoming, turbine-powered supercar. As the announcement had only just been made, it was presumed that the working relationship had only just got off the ground. However, that doesn't appear to be the case. Techrules has already confirmed the production-ready vehicle will be making its world debut far sooner than you may have first thought.

According to Techrules, the GT96 (for reference, the concept car shown off earlier this year wasn't garnished in motor racing paraphernalia) will make its first ever appearance as a production-ready car at next year's Geneva Motor Show. If such a claim is correct, that means Techrules and its new partners will have just seven months to bring the GT96 from design study to a fully functioning series production vehicle. Even for larger car companies, that's a very short time frame to finalize the specs of a car as technologically advanced as the GT96 is claimed to be, so it'll be interesting to see if Techrules can indeed pull this off in just over half a year's time.

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Admittedly, the GT96 that'll be making its world debut in March 2017 won't be 100% production ready. By the time this turbine supercar is shown off in Switzerland, Techrules isn't expecting to have nailed down the final technical or assembly specifications. But it is keen to stress that any alterations made after the GT96's official unveiling will just be "fine-tuning" of processes and details. Likewise, despite the production process being undefined at the moment, Techrules is already suggesting up to 25 examples per year can be put together at the facility of its Italian engineering partner, LM Gianetti. As stated earlier, if Techrules can stick to its word, the GT96 has the potential to be a pretty stellar supercar.