The World's Greatest Garage Is Found In Texas And Filled With Rare Supercars

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This is some intense car porn. You've been warned.

We have Reddit to thank for bringing the Petrol Lounge to our attention, specifically Redditors einTier and haudi. The two are buddies, with the former working at the Petrol Lounge in Austin, Texas. Haudi recently stopped by to check out the Petrol Lounge, which is a storage facility for cars, the lion's share of which are rare and classic icons. These photos, courtesy of einTier, show just what a typical day is like in the world's greatest garage. This is some intense car porn, folks.

The Petrol Lounge is more or less gearhead heaven. In addition to storing expensive rides the facility also ensures they're in tip-top shape so that you can drive them in addition to keeping them safe from the horrors of the real world. The cars in the garage come and go, but these snapshots provide a good look at what type of rides are usually stored there. Austin has some serious car lovers, as evidenced by the McLaren F1, Shelby Daytona Coupe and Rambo Lambo. Seriously, just browse the photos for yourself and tell us that einTier doesn't have the world's best job.

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