Kit Car

The World's Greatest Kit Car You've Never Heard Of Now Comes With Unlimited Headroom

It will own any track day and costs less than $20,000.

There’s no otherway around this, but the Factory Five 818 is one of the best—if not the best—kitcars on the road today. The radically designed DIY vehicle utilizes a WRX powertrain,which is readily available and extremely capable on its own. The 1800-lb trackbeast has a price tag of $15,000 for a completed vehicle and is simply mindblowing. So what could make this ridiculous track vehicle even better?

To make the 818C even more enjoyable on and off the track, Factory Five gave the kit car a removable hardtop for unlimited headroom. Besides getting a removable top, the new 818C receives a rear glass hatch and power windows on the inside with a more contemporary look for the exterior. These new features will set you back $2,500 over a road-going version, but is still a heck of a bargain. Thehardtop does add more weight at 300 lbs. but can be removed in a few hourswith some tools. Ifyou already have a Factory Five and like the more aggressive look of the 818C, youcan fit the revised nose and removable hardtop to an existing kit.

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