The World's Most Expensive Tires Just Sold For $600,000

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24-karat gold + diamonds + rubber = $$$

The bar for the world's most expensive set of tires has just been set at a cool $600,000. That's how much one unnamed customer paid Z Tyre for a set of tires encrusted with 24-karat gold and diamonds. At first glance the rubber doesn't look all that special, but when you get just a bit closer you can see the gold and diamonds that adorn it. That being said the Italian craftspeople that created these tires didn't go overboard, which is wise as thieves would instantly put a car with four gold tires on blocks the second it was left unattended.

While paying $600,000 for a set of tires may seem like a sign of the apocalypse there is a silver lining; Z Tyre says all the proceeds are going to charity. Funnily enough that charity, the Zenises Foundation, is run by the outfit's parent corporation called Zenises. The Zenises Foundation's vague mission is to improve access to education around the world, or something. Not legit charities aside, though, it is still pretty cool to have created a set of tires recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive ever. Check out the $600,000 rubber here and let us know what car you think they'll wind up on.

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