The World's Most Futuristic Sedan Is From Poland And Is Too Wild To Exist


The Varsovia is a mobile office that can do 0-62 mph in under 5.0 seconds.

It wasn't until today that we learned the word "Varsovia," which according to a not very thorough search (we used Wikipedia) is how you say "Warsaw" in Spanish or Latin. The reason why we even had to learn this word is because it's the name of a new car and car company. This is the Varsovia from Varsovia Motor Company. The upstart automaker is based in Warsaw and the car itself was designed by Kadler design studio. The Varsovia is like nothing we've ever seen, and that makes us wonder if it's destined to be vaporware.

At this point we think so. Here's why. The Varsovia is a three-seat luxury sedan, with the front passenger seat removed to make more room for a mobile office. Integrated into the roof are two screens measuring 19 inches apiece. These screens act as a display for the built-in tablet and computer, with a keyboard and mouse also included in the package. There's a satellite Internet connection included so that you can get work done or just watch Netflix like a true boss while stuck in traffic. When not in use the screens fold into the roof where they can act as a display or just a normal(ish) window thanks to the fact that both are 90% transparent.

As you'd expect the seats in back aren't ordinary in any way. Varsovia says that they will have "nine independent elements with multifaceted calibration," which is a fancy way of saying that the heating, cooling, massage, etc… functions will all be standalone and adjustable. The automaker is also promising seats that self-adjust to a person's body and weight thanks to an array of sensors. But that's not all! These seats can also pick up on your current mood, with cameras and sensors recognizing if you're tired or amped up and then adjusting the music, lighting, seat stiffness and more accordingly. Also, no plastic will be used and the seats will be able to repel dirt.

The Varsovia will be similar to the Chevrolet Volt in that its electric engine will do the majority of the work with a gasoline range-extender available to keep the party going on longer trips. A 0-62 mph time under 5.0 seconds is promised, as is an electric-only range of 217 miles and a full range of 528 miles. When it comes to the car's design Kadler did away with traditional features like a grille and headlights that are the same color. The design of the car is pretty striking but the diamond not-grille and door panels are distracting. Also, those headlights better be the same color when production finally rolls around. Speaking of, Varsovia says its first model will be produced sometime after 2018 and that it'll build just 50 cars per year.

That seems like an overestimation on the company's part of about 50 or so cars. It's not that we don't think the automaker will be able to get off the ground. It's just that, as is, this car is promising more than it can possibly deliver. For every Koenigsegg or Tesla there are a dozen more Lyon Motor Cars. Remember them? They promised a 1,700-hp supercar capable of doing 290 mph and delivered a formless blob on wheels that was the physical embodiment of vaporware. Here's hoping Varsovia doesn't suffer the same fate. Maybe they can ask Poland's first supercar maker, Arrinera, for tips.

Varsovia Motor Co.
Varsovia Motor Co.

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