The World's Most Unstoppable Vehicles

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Just perfect for when you have an appetite for destruction.

Every one of us has an inner G.I. Joe just waiting to burst and be unleashed onto society. When that day comes (and why shouldn't it?), you will need to be able to transform any small patch of dirt or crowded highway into your very own playground. So when you go shopping for the toughest automobile on the planet, chances are you will be driving off the lot in one of these.

If you are looking to go to war, drive through brick walls or go for a joy ride in some of the world's most inhospitable environments, make sure it is behind the wheel of the Paramount Marauder. The Marauder, billed as the 'most indestructible vehicle' ever is a ten-ton military vehicle designed by South African manufacturer Paramount Group. Recently it was put through a series of tests that left a Hummer a smoking heap of scrap metal. What destroyed the Hummer was seven pounds of plastic explosives, which hardly scratched the Marauder.

You have to hand it to Toyota. The FJ Cruiser is practically indestructible, and its short wheelbases make them an awesome choice to take on even the most complex terrain. What would stop most vehicles in their tracks such as multiple ditches, ravines or steep rocky climbs are mere nuisances for the Cruiser. As crazy as this may sound, you should not be surprised if the FJ Cruiser quickly becomes a serious Jeep Wrangler competitor.

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The Toyota Hilux pickup has been put through virtually every imaginable horror of destruction. Often compared to a cat with nine lives, the Hilux has been subjected to drops from the air, drowning, multiple crashes and even torched yet it keeps coming back for more. It quickly becomes clear why so many people refer to the Hilux as "The Indestructible Truck."

All the way from the Land Down Under is the all-terrain Land Rover Defender. An icon of British off-road motoring, it is extremely popular amongst NGOs and armed forces everywhere. Several upgrades are evident on the new Defender. These inlcude a 2.4-liter, 4-cylinder engine (pushing out around 122 horsepower) taken from the hugely successful Ford Transit, a new 6-speed manual transmission gearbox and a specially adapted engine lubrication system for use in wet or dusty conditions.

Land Rover

If you have really deep pockets and insist on luxury while destroying everything in your path, then check out DARTZ and its notorious armored SUV Prombron. You can pick up a Dartz Prombon Monaco Red Edition for close to $1.6 million and it comes complete with gold-plated bullet-proof windows, an exhaust system made of tungsten, diamond and ruby encrusted gauges and a Kevlar exterior coating. If you have a taste for vodka you are in luck as the Monaco Red edition comes with three bottles of the world's most expensive vodka, RussoBaltique.

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