The World's Next Speedy Hatchback Could Come From The Unlikeliest Automaker

At least that's what this video seems to suggest.

Hyundai has been damn busy as of late. It just announced a new luxury brand, Genesis, which has captured a lot of media attention. But what about N, its performance brand? The automaker has been quiet on the subject since officially revealing the marque at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show but now we have this, a slick promotional video. This video gives insight into the development behind the performance vehicles N will soon start spitting out, both for the public and Hyundai’s rally team.

The i20 World Rally Championship car and badass looking RM15 concept are both here. The most intriguing thing is the five-door hatchback covered in camo. Could Hyundai be readying a Ford Focus RS/Honda Civic Type R/etc... challenger? For the sake of drivers everywhere we hope so.

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