The World's Top-Selling Car Is…

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…under debate, with both Ford and Toyota claiming the crown with their mass-market compact cars.

The other day Ford announced that its Focus was the top-selling car in the world. That's quite a claim, but didn't come from nowhere: it was ostensibly backed up by the analysts at Polk, which reported that the 1.02 million Focus models sold last year make it more prolific than anything else on the road. Toyota, however, begs to differ. The Japanese giant says it sold 1.16 million Corollas last year, which would make it more popular among customers than the Ford Focus.


Toyota's sales figures include a number of Corolla variants sold around the world, including the Corolla Altis, Axio, Wagon, Field and Rumion, all of which bare the Corolla name, but not other Corolla-based models like the Auris, Matrix and Scion xB. But lest you think that's what the difference between Toyota's claim and Ford's comes down to, Toyota reports that the Corolla sedan itself accounts for 90% of its 1.16 million sales, which would put that model at 1.04 million – still a good twenty thousand more than the Focus.

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