The World's First Classic Electric Car Platform Is Here

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As emissions get tougher, this will help keep classic roads on the road.

Now that more electric cars are on the road, restomod companies have been transforming classic cars into EVs, blending vintage styling with modern technology. Some of our favorites include a 1977 Porsche 911 with a 700-hp Tesla powertrain replacing the original flat-six engine and a Tesla-powered Honda S2000. Last year, Zero Labs Automotive unveiled the world's first fully-electric Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender.

As emissions regulations get tougher with countries like Norway enforcing bans on gasoline and diesel car sales as early as 2025, classic cars with combustion engines will become an increasingly rare sight on the roads, which is bad news for classic car enthusiasts. However, Zero Labs Automotive has a solution to keep classic cars on the road in the future.

Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs

The company has unveiled the world's first complete electric platform designed for "transforming the most beloved classic gasoline and diesel vehicles into clean energy heroes."

Compared to modern cars, original classic cars are noisy, slow, hard to maintain, and less safe, but Zero Labs' new electric platform upgrades the safety and performance to modern standards. As standard, the electric platform comes with rebuilt frames, independent front and rear suspension, an 85-kWh or 100-kWh battery, and a rear-mounted single electric motor producing 300 hp. An optional 600-hp dual motor configuration with AWD is also available offering significant performance gains. Available Brembo GT Brakes will also improve the stopping power. With a 100-kWh battery, each conversion will offer over 235 miles of range and will be available with optional Level 3 DC fast charging.

Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs

To make each car futureproof, the battery and software are fully upgradeable allowing for performance increases as technology improves. A custom digital gauge cluster recreated from the original design is also fitted, with vehicle diagnostics and controls viewable behind a hidden screen or on a smartphone.

"Millions of classic vehicles are being left behind or are on their way to being outlawed in many countries as early as 2025 so we are racing to help global customers prepare for this transition. Vehicles converted on our platforms are upgradable and built to celebrate the spirit of the original vehicle while simultaneously producing a clean, reliable, covert electrical drive system," said Zero Labs CEO and Founder Adam Roe.

Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs

"The result is a clean energy vehicle with the soul of a premium classic. Our long-term goal is to offer everything you love, minus everything you hate. To be enjoyed now and well into the future."

Zero Labs is offering the conversion for classic off-roaders built from 1945-1975, pre-1975 muscle cars like the Ford Mustang, 1948-1975 two-door coupes such as the Porsche 911, and pickups produced from 1947-1975. Pricing details haven't been revealed, but EV conversions aren't cheap. Swindon Powertrain's classic Mini electric conversion kit, for example, will set you back $40,000. Zero Labs' classic electric platform will be available from fall 2021 with limited availability.

Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs Zero Labs

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