The World's First G82 BMW M4 Pickup Looks Wild

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This year's SEMA Show is bringing us some crazy creations, and this M4 ute has to be one of the most astonishing.

Say hello to the M4Maloo, or M4LOO, if you prefer. This is a G82 BMW M4 that has had half of its body cut away to create a pickup (or ute) and is the first such creation on this platform. The work was carried out by DinMann, whose owner originally intended to create a pickup version of the preceding F82 M4 but was worried that people would assume the build was based on a salvaged vehicle. So instead, a brand new G82 was acquired in April, and the cutting and fabrication began a short while later. It's now on display at the Stek stand at SEMA 2022.

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The car has been wrapped in a fancy new material called DYNOchrome, which is a paint protection film with color that features a chrome-like finish, self-healing and hydrophobic qualities, and scratch-resistant technology. There are also some elements on the M4 pickup that appear to be finished in forged carbon fiber, but that's just more film.

Unfortunately, it appears that the build was a little rushed, as so many displays at SEMA often are, and there are elements of the vehicle that are not yet complete. In fact, the badges and some of the decals were only fitted the night before the show, and the area at the B-pillar seems incomplete.


However, the main focus here is the truck-style bed, and that seems to have been executed very neatly, even though the tailgate had to be custom fabricated. Even the carbon fiber roof looks like it could have been shaped this way by the factory, and BMW itself has a long history of creating pickups from regular cars. There's been an E30 M3 pickup and a one-off E92 M3 pickup, too, with the BMW X7 SUV also volunteering for cosmetic surgery and transforming into a luxury pickup concept in 2019. Sure, this M4 pickup is unusual, but it's also a world-first, and that makes it special in its own way. The car will be on display in the West Hall at booth #52193 until the end of the SEMA Show (1-4 November).


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