The Worlds Most Badass 300C Is A Viper-Powered Drift Car

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How come it didn't come like this from the factory?

Who doesn't like a crazy engine swap or drifting...or both? It is with that we present you with David Waterworth's British Drift Championship Chrysler 300C packing a naturally aspirated 8.0-liter V10. Waterworth is no stranger to the Viper-sourced motor having previously competed in a Nissan S15 with the same powertrain. The S-chassis was retired and a vehicle normally used by politicians and gangsters was chosen as the powertrains' new home. The engine is relatively stock but still produces upwards of 500 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.

Power is channeled through a Borg-Warner T56 six-speed manual and onto some fat rubber that needs to be burned. We need more insane drift builds like this!

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