The Z06 Corvette Bed Guarantees Your Kid Won't Be Dreaming About Porsches

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When it comes to brand loyalty, it's best to start them young.

When it comes to car affiliations, you have to start them young. If daddy drives a Mustang, little Jonny is gonna grow up loving Stangs. If a BMW was ever-present in the driveway, chances are a BMW fanboy is in the making. But what if you're a Chevy guy without the means to buy a brand-new Z06 Corvette? How are you going to ensure your kid will grow into a Corvette man? The Step2 Z06 Corvette Toddler-to-Twin bed is an excellent start.

The realistic design will make bed time fun for toddlers (with the crib mattress) and the transition to a larger twin mattress an absolute doddle. The only problem you may have is getting your kid out of bed in the morning!

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Featuring a built-in race track and slick-looking headlights that serve as a nightlight, the well-built durable bed is a great investment on so many levels. Who knows, maybe one day your kid will grow up and treat dad to a brand-new Z06 of his own. Like this guy did. One thing's for sure: The Z06 bed will guarantee he won't be dreaming about Porsches. And if you want to go the full hog, Step2 offers a line of Corvette bedroom furniture, including a dresser and organizer. Aaron Taylor, brand manager for Step2, said: "It's a wonderful opportunity for parents to bond with their children through interactive play and share a common interest from a young age."

The Step2 Z06 Corvette Toddler-to-Twin bed is be available exclusively at all Toys R Us stores (and now, priced from $329.99. The Z06 Corvette bed will also be showcased at the 2016 New York Auto Show from March 25-April 3. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Step2 products via its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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