The Zenos E10 R Is Here To Distort Your Face

Cars with over 500 hp per ton will do that to you.

Zenos was teasing the E10 R less than a week ago and now theautomaker has revealed the vehicle in all of its glory. Zenos has taken the standard247-hp E10 S, given the track vehicle 100 more hp and dropped its weight down to ascant 1,543 lbs. The E10 R has the same 2.3-liter motor out of the Ford FocusRS, which is good for 350 hp. With that kind of power, the E10 R has a power toweight ratio of over 500 hp per ton, which puts it in the same league as theBugatti Veyron and Ariel Atom 300.

Performance is the E10 R’s strong suit and it is capable ofcompleting the sprint to 62 mph in 3.0 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph.The hardcore Zenos features some cosmetic updates over the regular model: lighterwheels, a shortened gear lever and R-stickers. The initial units will be calledthe “Drive Edition” and will have a unique graphite livery, adjustable suspensionand race seats with harnesses. There’s no word on whether the vehicle will makeit to the US, but pricing for Britain starts at approximately $60,770. That’snot exactly cheap for a track toy, but it’s cheaper than the competition with performance that's just as insane.

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