Theon Design GBR002 Is Yet Another Stunning Porsche 911 Restomod

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406 horsepower and a carbon fiber body is a combination we never tire of.

British restomod specialist Theon Design has revealed its latest commission, dubbed GBR002, and it's simply stunning. Based on a 1992 (964) Porsche 911 Carrera 2, it was always going to have gorgeous lines and curves, but as is Theon's custom, the old body was discarded in favor of a full carbon fiber body painted in Oak Green. We approve.

As a result, this build weighs just 2,577 pounds, and with 406 horsepower on tap, getting down a winding canyon road will not be a glacial affair. The grunt comes from a 4.0-liter air-cooled flat-six engine connected to a six-speed manual transmission that feeds the rear wheels.

Once again, we hanker for a modern OEM sports car that embodies the same characteristics of low weight, reasonable power, and engaging operation methods, but in lieu of that, restomod companies like Theon Design are showing them how it should be done to great effect.

Theon Design Theon Design Theon Design Theon Design

As the name suggests, this is not the first British commission; the first was based on a 1990 Carrera 4. While that car's cabin was characterized by shades of grey, GBR002's Muslin leather and trims see white paired with green accents, and although this creates a more luxurious look than an Alcantara-crazed cabin, that's probably not a bad thing for a car that costs twice as much as a modern 992 GT3 RS. For the record, Theon Design has not disclosed the exact price of this commission, as each unique build will have different demands and costs associated with it.

Whatever finishes each buyer opts for, co-founder Adam Hawley promises that each creation "still feels like a classic Porsche, just one that's elevated to a new level of performance and usability."

Theon Design Theon Design Theon Design Theon Design

As always, the quality of the materials and the finish of each element appears to be exceptional, but as a purist, this writer has a few nits to pick.

The Recaro CS seats are a tad too modern for this 30-year-old car and clash too much with what is otherwise a classically stylish cabin. Sure, they provide more support in quick corners, but this car isn't going to challenge for any Nurburgring lap records, is it? The older perches of ITA001 suit us more. In the same vein, the quad-exit exhaust system seems a little out of place, reminding one of a BMW or, at best, a modern 911 Turbo.

But as mentioned, these are minor complaints for what is otherwise an exceedingly pretty reincarnation of a sports car classic, and everyone in the CarBuzz office would gladly sacrifice an appendage or two for the opportunity to own one.

Theon Design Theon Design Theon Design Theon Design Theon Design Theon Design

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