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There Are Already Fewer Toyota Supras In The World

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Someone is totally fired.

There is already a ton of hype surrounding the 2020 Toyota Supra. So much, in fact, that some dealerships are already putting enormous markups on them. Getting an allocation for one of the first cars is going to be difficult, especially without paying over sticker price, but the task has just become a little bit harder.

Two photos posted on social media by Houston Underground Races show no fewer than two Supras on a delivery truck, one of which appears to be completely totaled. We say 'no fewer than two' because the red Supra on the lower level reportedly suffered significant damage as well. So what the heck happened here?

The details are extremely limited right now but it is safe to assume the driver of the delivery truck backed into something or was hit by another large truck. If it was the former, the driver could lose their job. Judging by the photos, the grey Supra on the lower level is totaled and the white car on the upper level could be as well. It is difficult to see what damages the red car suffered, but in the worst-case scenario, there are now three fewer Supras in the world.

Initial reports claimed the accident happened in Japan, but the 'Kassbohrer' decal shows it actually took place in Hungary. Dealerships have yet to take delivery of the 2020 Supra, meaning these cars were on their way to prospective customers. Now those customers will have to wait a little longer to receive their cars.

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It is difficult to say who has to take responsibility here because the details of the shipping contract aren't public knowledge. Some shipping contracts place responsibility on the carrier while others leave it on the factory until the final product is delivered to the destination. At roughly $50,000 per car, someone could be out as much as $150,000 here.