There Are Already Rumors About The Next BMW M3 And M4


And you really shouldn't be all that shocked.

Although it may seem like BMW just launched its latest M3 and M4 sedan and coupe, there's already some very early talk regarding their eventual replacements. As we've previously reported about the next generation 3 Series itself, the high-performance variants will very much return better than ever. If a new report coming from Automobile Magazine is to be believed, then their power output could approach supercar territory. Now, the current 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six produces 425 hp.


That's mighty impressive, but the rumor is that the M division plans to adopt electric turbochargers and water injection that'll create an output of around 500 hp. Again, we really ought to take this lightly, as BMW has so far refused comment. But we'll be speaking with BMW M's head of product at Geneva next week and this will definitely be a topic we'll be inquiring more about. But really, a 500 hp M3/M4? We have no objections to that.

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