There Are Going To Be WAY MORE Fast And Furious Movies Than We First Thought


Major changes are in store for upcoming movies.

The Fast and Furious franchise has churned out movies adored by the car community. While some may find them annoying andextremely unrealistic, they've have always done a good job of showcasing thecar community. According to an interview by Variety with producer and star VinDiesel, it would appear as if the team behind the movies is in the stages of developingspinoffs and prequels. “We’ve written out story lines for various characters,”stated Diesel. “We’ve been playing with it for a long time.”

Spinoffs and prequels would obviously help bring in moremoney for the franchise, but would also be extremely entertaining if doneproperly. “It’s a very rich property and we’re committed to treating it with alot of class,” stated Diesel. There’s no word on which characters would get astandalone film. According to Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley, there’sroom for the franchise to grow. “We’re certainly in conversations about how wecan expand the franchise now,” stated Langley. “It’s an ensemble cast and there’sroom to bring characters in and out.” If Universal were to go forward with prequelsand spinoffs, the company plans to utilize similar strategies to that of the “Avengers”movies and “Star Wars.”

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However, for now, the emphasis remains on creating threemore “Fast and Furious” sequels. Diesel and Universal are working on making theupcoming movies different in tone to the ones from before. “You can’t keephaving bigger and bigger stunts forever and ever and ever,”stated Chairman of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group Jeff Shell. “Eventuallyyou have to really focus on the story.” So it’s safe to say that the Fast and Furiousfranchise will be going through some major changes in the upcoming future, but isthat a good thing?