There Are Interesting New Ford Maverick Rumors

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Take it all with a grain of salt though.

What we know is this: Ford is busy at work developing a compact pickup truck. The Ford Maverick, a nameplate first used in the US back in 1970, is expected to debut for the 2022 model year and priced from around $19,000 to $20,000. To compare, the midsize Ford Ranger starts at $24,110. But many questions still remained, among them the engine, platform, and bed size. Today, we might have some of these answers.

A member of the Maverickchat forum posted some possibly leaked details but it should be noted this anonymous individual only signed up for the site literally minutes before posting the information. They claim to work for a supplier that could be doing business with Ford but, again, this should all be taken with a fine grain of salt.

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This individual claims the new Maverick will be offered in crew cab configuration at launch. No time frame was given regarding the single cab's arrival, or whether it'll happen at all. The Maverick will supposedly be at least 2 feet shorter than the Ranger and its bed will be fairly small. Those who require a bigger bed for any reason will need to consider the Ranger or even larger F-150.

Interestingly, it's now claimed the Maverick won't ride on the same, though shortened, version of the Bronco Sport's platform, but will instead share many components with the Ford Transit Connect, meaning it'll still be unibody construction. It will also reportedly share the Transit Connect's 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine producing 162 horsepower.

Front Angle View Ford
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The previously leaked CAD image of the Maverick's tailgate shows that nameplate stamped across it in the traditional sense, though unlike the Bronco lineup, the Blue Oval emblem remains. The likely reason is that Ford intends to keep the Bronco family separate from the rest of its crossover, SUV, and trucks. Bronco is now its own brand and the Maverick won't be exclusive enough.

That'll be just fine because we figure a majority of Maverick customers are simply looking for a capable small truck equally at home in the city as it is for some minor off-roading. We expect to hear a lot more Maverick-related news in the coming months.

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Source Credits: Maverick Chat
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