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There Are New Jeep Scrambler Updates You Need To Know About

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The Wrangler-based truck we've long wanted is nearly here.

The all-new Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited are right now arriving in dealerships, but the Jeep many are truly clamoring for is the Scrambler pickup truck. Over the past several months, we've not only confirmed it'll be built in Toledo, Ohio, and will offer the same engines and gearboxes as the standard Wranglers, but it'll be, more or less, the four-door Unlimited with a bed. Wicked. And now, thanks to Jeep Scrambler Forum, a spy shot of the Scrambler's naked frame confirms it will come with a folding windshield and removable top.

We figured both were likely to be carried over, but that was merely an assumption. Today we have proof. The spy shot was taken during a tour of the Toledo plant. The crew cab frame is quite revealing, showing the entire front clip. It has the same roll cage as the two- and four-door Wranglers. You can also clearly see the folding mechanism section at the top of the hood for the windshield. The top frame bars and latches holding down the roof panels are what reveals the removable top's presence. All in all, the photo is self-explanatory by what it shows. While there are other mid-size trucks out there, none are nearly as unique as the Scrambler.

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Chances are Jeep will unveil the Scrambler pickup truck at either Los Angeles in November, or at Detroit a couple of months later in January. In any case, expect the Jeep Scrambler to arrive in dealerships about a year from now. Pricing and all other relevant details will be announced just prior to or during the official unveiling.