There Are Now 9 Brand New Lexus LFA Supercars Available In The US


That means 3 have been sold since last August.

Last August we learned there were still 12 unsold, brand-new Lexus LFAs for sale in the US. Fast forward eight months and, according to Autoblog, three of the 12 LFAs have been sold. Do the first grade arithmetic and that means there are 9 LFAs left. Today, Autoblog confirmed with a Toyota representative the updated number. How and why are there still LFAs left unsold, despite it being discontinued in 2012 with only 500 examples built? Lexus International provided an explanation to Autoblog, and it does make sense. Here’s what happened:

Lexus only intended to take customer purchase orders for LFAs in order to avoid price gouging and speculation. Makes sense. However, starting in 2010, there were fewer orders, so Lexus allowed existing LFA holders to order a second car if they wished. Dealerships and automaker executives were also given the opportunity to place an order. It is those dealership-ordered LFAs that still appear as new sales every so often. So, does that mean all remaining brand-new LFAs are for sale? No, and here’s why: some of those dealerships are holding on to the LFAs, even five years after being discontinued, for the purpose of having a showroom display car.

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Another reason is that dealership owners simply want to hold on to them because of their collector car status. Lexus International added that “Some of these cars may never be sold, except perhaps by the dealer's heirs.” Those interested in trying to convince one of these dealers to sell will surely need to make them an offer they can’t refuse. Briefcases full of cash are the best form of persuasion.