There Are Now Less Than 70 New Toyota Avalons For Sale Left In America

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If you still want one, you'll need some luck on your side.

If you wanted to purchase a Toyota Avalon, the last "traditional" full-size sedan from the Japanese giant that Americans may see for the foreseeable future, this window of opportunity may have passed. We say traditional sedan because the all-new Crown that will soon replace the Avalon is quite a different prospect with its hybrid powertrain and unconventional crossover-style body.

The Avalon is expected to bow out after the 2022 model year, and CarsDirect is now reporting that the sedan is sold out at the majority of dealerships. Along with claims that production of the Avalon concluded in August, it's obvious that the sedan has reached the end of the line.


Numerous major car listing sites show that there are under 70 Avalon models left in stock, so finding one of those will not be easy. Although the 2022 Avalon was still listed on Toyota's website at the time of writing, the brand has already begun phasing in 2023 models like the Camry and Sienna, and we expect that the 2022 Avalon will be removed from the site any day now.

Last month, Toyota sold just 160 examples of the Avalon in the USA, 87.8% fewer than the same quarter a year ago, another indication that the sedan is about to be retired completely. But despite September's low figure, over 12,000 people still bought an Avalon this year, and you won't easily find another non-premium full-size sedan attaining those numbers in 2022.

2020-2022 Toyota Avalon TRD Test Drive Front Angle View CarBuzz

If you are lucky enough to find an Avalon at a dealership, don't expect any discounts. CarsDirect says that incentives for the sedan have been "non existent," and in Southern California, a dealer incentive bulletin shows that all financing deals for the Avalon were canceled by Toyota. There are no lease deals left either.

The 2022 Avalon starts at $36,825 for the XLE and goes all the way up to the Limited Hybrid at $44,150. One of our favorite examples was the Avalon TRD but, sadly, it didn't stick around for too long due to low sales.

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The imminent demise of the Avalon follows a bevy of large sedans that have exited the market in recent years, including the Chevrolet Impala, Hyundai Azera, and Kia Cadenza. Chrysler's 300 was one of the last-surviving sedans of its kind, where a smooth, large-capacity engine provided power. The Avalon may not have a Hemi V8 under the hood, but its smooth ride and 301-horsepower V6 made it enjoyable to drive. If you do manage to get hold of a new Avalon before the end of the year, consider yourself one of the lucky few.

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