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There Are Still 12 Brand New Unsold Lexus LFAs Left In The US

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Want an LFA with no previous owners and only delivery miles? You still have a chance.

The Lexus LFA was the first supercar built by Toyota's luxury brand and from the get-go, it was destined for greatness. Lexus had a lot to prove to the world, but mostly that it could build something that wasn't just for 80 year-old opera goers. Out came the LFA, a car so beloved to many auto journalists that even Jeremy Clarkson claimed it was the best car he'd ever driven. Only 500 were ever built and production ended in 2012. Don't think, however, that it means it's not possible to get a new LFA from the dealership with delivery miles on it.

While looking over sales numbers for July, specifically at sales numbers for discontinued models, Auto Blog found that six brand new Lexus LFAs were sold last year despite going out of production four years prior. Upon calling up Lexus to figure things out, AB found that there are 12 LFAs stashed around the country that are still classified as dealer inventory. Even for a car worth $375,000 when new, it's a bit of a shocker given the performance, low production run, and dignified status. So what gives? Why can't Lexus seem to sell these 552 horsepower beasts? Apparently it's because of Lexus' sales strategy, which, admittedly, could have been flawed given that it had no prior experience selling supercars.

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To stop speculators from buying the car and flipping it, Lexus initially only took orders from customers, but after demand began to taper off in 2010, it began allowing customers to buy more than one LFA and opened up the order sheet to executives and dealerships, even those that wanted to sell the car for profit. Every once in a while, these dealership sales pop up on the radar. Thing is, not every dealership is in it to sell, or at least sell yet. Some, like Lexus Torre in Puerto Rico, keep their LFA as a display item while others confine the V10 supercar to the storage room only to uncover and sell once it fetches collector car prices. Unfortunately, that might make purchasing one a bit of an issue, but it's worth bargaining over if you can find one.