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There Are Still McLaren Senna GTR And Speedtail Build Slots For Sale

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Have you been saving your pennies?

Buying ultra-exclusive hypercars is nothing like buying your typical car or even high-performance sports car, such as a Porsche 911. No, for hypercars such as these you need to a place in line, or more precisely a build slot. One typically cannot just go and buy themselves a build slot and call it a day, but rather have to be offered the opportunity to purchase one by the carmaker itself. In other words, build slots are often invitation-only. If you accept and put down a deposit, then you wait until delivery. But why do build slots exist in the first place?

Because these brands want to choose who buys their cars. McLaren is no different when it comes to its Ultimate Series, specifically the Senna GTR and Speedtail, both of which are sold out.

As Motor 1 has learned, via James Edition, there's a company called Knight International that is currently offering a build slot for each hypercar. Details regarding who decided to give up and sell their coveted build slots remains unknown. The track-focused Senna GTR is slated for a 2019 delivery while the Speedtail isn't due until early 2020. What's interesting about the Speedtail sale is that it's strictly through lawyer to lawyer. Buyer and seller will have no direct contact. Because neither car has been built yet, both can be configured to the new owner's specifications.

The Senna GTR, one of only 75 units planned, carries a price tag of $1.45 million, plus a $200,000 premium. Grand total: $1.65 million. There's also still time to configure the car to the new owner's specs. A street legal conversion is also offered.

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As for the Speedtail, of which only 106 are planned, no price was given because it's only available upon request. McLaren's price is already around $2.3 million, so we wouldn't be surprised to see this price coming to about $2.5 million, if not more. So for anyone who missed out on being selected for a build slot for one or both of these McLarens, this could be the last chance to own them brand new directly from Woking.