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There Are Still Problems With All-New 2020 Lincoln Aviator

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To its credit, Lincoln is working hard to resolve all customer issues.

This was not the way Lincoln intended the launch of its all-new 2020 Aviator SUV to go. Instead of celebrating the brand's gorgeous-looking new SUV, it's been bogged down with problems, the result of manufacturing issues. Its corporate cousin, the also all-new 2020 Ford Explorer, has been experiencing similar issues as well. As we previously reported, both the new Aviator and Explorer were the victims of rushed manufacturing at the Chicago Assembly Plant. Ford was overanxious to get both SUVs to market, resulting in serious quality control issues. Once discovered, the automaker moved quickly to fix faulty vehicles before shipping them to dealerships. It has since completed the task. It turns out, however, some owners, particularly Aviator owners, purchased defective vehicles.

The Detroit Free Press spoke to several Aviator owners claiming a range of troublesome issues, such as unintended vehicle movement, signs of leaks, and climate control problems. But don't think for a second Lincoln isn't doing anything about this. Quite the opposite.

Front Angle View Lincoln
Side View Lincoln
Rear View Driving Lincoln

The luxury brand has been working with customers on an individual basis to resolve the problems, sometimes going as far as repurchasing or outright replacing the vehicle. One such case is that of Laurel Spencer. Within just 48 hours of buying her $70,000 Aviator, the troubles began. A leaky sunroof, nonworking seat belts, various computer malfunctions that included false crash warnings, and transmission alarms all plagued her during the 10 weeks she owned the SUV. Lincoln replaced the vehicle entirely. "Lincoln showed a tremendous amount of responsiveness, Spencer said. "My issue was resolved."

Another owner, Bette Bogdan, bought her Aviator off the lot and problems began immediately. "I was having problems driving home from the dealership. Weird lights were going on and off, warning lights. The system said people were in the back seat, and there weren't. It came to a complete and sudden stop while I was going in reverse, when I was backing up in my driveway. That hurt like the dickens. The rearview mirrors were flapping like wings." Again, Lincoln has been in direct personal contact with Bogdan regarding a replacement or repurchase.

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2020 Lincoln Aviator Dashboard Lincoln
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2020 Lincoln Aviator Rear Passenger Seats Lincoln

"Lincoln will always do what is right to ensure that we provide our clients with a top-quality vehicle and a great luxury experience," said Angie Kozleski, a Lincoln spokeswoman. "There is a strong demand for Lincoln Aviator and we will continue to take every necessary action to ensure that the Aviator is built with the levels of quality and craftsmanship that our luxury customers expect."

No specific data regarding the number of Aviator replacements is available, but Lincoln stresses it will continue to work with individual customers when or if issues arise.

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2020 Lincoln Aviator Front View Driving
2020 Lincoln Aviator Dashboard
2020 Lincoln Aviator Rear Passenger Seats
Infotainment System
Interior Overview