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There Are Still Tons Of Unsold C7 Corvettes For Sale

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Does the C8 have something to do with this?

Beginning last spring, Chevrolet realized it had to do something about an oversupply of unsold C7 Corvettes scattered across its US dealership lots. At one point, there was a 137-day supply, translating to 9,055 C7s left unsold. That figure dropped following various incentives and customer loyalty bonuses, but there are still plenty of brand new C7s out there just waiting to find homes, and there's a very good chance you can get an excellent deal right now.

CorvetteBlogger has learned that because of those factory and dealership incentives, and perhaps combined by the fact not everyone is thrilled with the mid-engined Corvette, nationwide inventory of C7s has dropped to 6,025 vehicles, which is an 84-day supply. Chances are, this figure will continue to drop fairly rapidly because of desperation to clear out these leftover cars.

Chevrolet is convinced the new C8 is going to be a hit and therefore wants its dealerships to have space ready. We also learned not long ago that the Bowling Green, Kentucky Corvette assembly plant recently stopped taking final 2019 Corvette orders. If all goes to plan, the final C7s will roll off the production line sometime this September.

The new 2020 C8 Corvette will begin production in December and the first examples will arrive in showrooms the following month. With around 6,000 C7s still for sale, you should also know that Chevy is offering $3,000 in loyalty cash, though it's for current Corvette owners only and the offer ends at the end of this month.

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Word has it there are even some remaining 2018 C7s still hanging around unsold. If so, prices will likely be lower than their 2019 counterparts. For anyone not interested in buying a C8 for whatever reasons(s) and those who believe Corvettes ought to be front-engined only, now's the time to buy a new one. Time is quickly running out and once these C7s are gone, that'll be it. A mid-engined future will soon take over.