There Can Be Only One: Chevy's Centennial Smackdown

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16 Chevrolets, both classic and current, will vie for the title of 'Number One Chevy'.

Chevrolet is marking their '100 years of Chevy' celebration with a knock-out tournament of sorts. Chevy enthusiasts can head to the American automaker's website and vote for their favorite models from Chevy's long history. Chevy lovers have their choice from such cars as the Louis Chevrolet-inspired 40hp 65mph tops 1912 Classic Six to the fuel-efficient-leading compact 2011 Volt. The tournament contains 16 unique Chevys from throughout the American Automaker's past.

Other notable Chevy's making appearances in the poll include the Silverado's ancestor the 1948 "Vehicle of Victory" Pickup for post-war America, the first-ever Corvette from 1953 (which John Wayne used to drive), and the classic American muscle car the 1969 Camaro, which paced the Indy 500. As General Motors' largest global brand, 4 million Chevy vehicles are sold in more than 130 countries annually. Chevy's website contains numerous photos of each model as well as some background information and history of the models to help make those difficult decisions a bit easier. Only you the car enthusiast can decide who takes the Bowtie badge gold.

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