There Could Be More Ford Bronco Quality Problems

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Once again, the roof is the concern.

The reborn Ford Bronco continues to be one of the most popular new vehicles on sale right now. There have been several cases of early buyers attempting to cash in by flipping their SUVs for six-figure sums. Not everyone will take the bait, but some desperate people will. However, sometimes it's best to wait until the second model year for any new vehicle in order to allow time for some early issues to be resolved.

As we reported last week, there have been quality control issues reported by some owners regarding the SUV's hardtop. More than likely this is simply poor build quality from the supplier but it's still up to Ford to resolve this.

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And now members and Bronco owners via the Bronco6G fan forum (the same outlet that revealed the hardtop problem) are claiming their SUVs are suffering from an issue involving the roll bar. More precisely, the paint is wearing off and getting damaged due to the piece of equipment that folds the soft top rubbing against the roll bar.

One owner realized this was happening after they had the soft top down only a couple of times. Closer inspection showed there was some lateral play in the soft top frame. Closing it upwards causes "the frame [to] rub if it isn't lifted perfectly even left to right." Additional forum members and owners chimed in claiming similar experiences. Others noted they saw the same type of damage on dealership demo models.

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The good news is that Ford is aware of what's happening and a spokesperson told CarBuzz that there should be a pad on the frame to prevent rubbing. The Blue Oval promises to work with this customer and all others experiencing the problem. The company also posted a comment requesting for the original poster to send a private message that includes the SUV's VIN and other details.

Meanwhile, forum members continue to discuss potential temporary solutions to prevent the rubbing. A few ideas include using different types of industrial tape on the affected section. These are clearly not long-term answers because the tape does nothing to prevent the rubbing from happening. The tape would regularly have to be replaced after being worn down.

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Source Credits: Bronco6G

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