There Is Nothing In The World More 'Murica Than This

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A 12,000 hp flame-throwing jet truck.

So when it comes to all things 'Murica, we're proud to say that we've pretty much seen it all. From beef jerky bouquets, to freedom scented car air fresheners, and American muscle cars doing burnouts with the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background. We're all about it. However, on a scale of one to freedom, we have to say that this 12,000 hp jet truck is way off the charts. This guy has officially taken liberty and justice for all to a whole new level. This is deep fried freedom, with extra syrup and a double portion of ass-whoopin'.

We're quite sure that your jaw will hit the floor once you get to 2:20 minute mark in this video. This guy is packin' some serious heat!

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