There Is One More Koenigsegg One:1 For Sale, But It Ain't Cheap

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Got a spare $6 million lying around?

Just days after the final Koenisegg One:1 arrived in the US, where it will soon take up permanent residence, comes new that the very first model – the development car no less – will be arriving at UK dealership SuperVettura. Price? Try a cool $6 million. For that, the lucky buyer will drive away in the same car that graced the Geneva Motor Show in 2014 where the 1,360-hp hypercar was first unveiled. This is also the car that factory test driver Robert Serwanski piloted to a host of stunning records.

These include the fastest times from 0-186 mph and 0-300kph-0, and lap records at Spa and Suzuka. Interestingly, the car is around 50 kg heavier than the six production One:1s, in part because of the optional roll cage and aluminum replacing titanium in certain components, while the engine has also clocked around 60,000 miles. After completing a full factory refresh, One:1 #00 will head to the dealer in January. Meanwhile, Koenisegg recently informed us its next car, the 1,500-hp Regera, will be ready for test drives after the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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