There'll Be Plenty New Jeep Wranglers For UK Buyers/Land Rover Traitors


Because 2,000 UK-bound Wranglers annually isn't enough.

We're gearing up for the big reveal of the all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler in November at the LA Auto Show. Expectations are high, to say the least. While the also highly anticipated Wrangler-based pickup, the Scrambler, won't arrive until mid-2019, the familiar two- and four-door body styles are approaching fast. Jeep's Toledo, Ohio, production facility has been working overtime to satisfy global demand for the outgoing model, and the same routine is expected to continue. This time, Jeep is better prepared to meet that demand, which also comes from the UK.

Autocar reports that Jeep CEO Mike Manley has already declared that he's "lifted the free demand on the Wrangler - the volume of cars that we can supply when a distributor asks for them." Specifically, the UK is one of those overseas markets with many Jeep fans. In fact, Manley claims to have received angry letters from disappointed UK buyers who couldn't buy the previous Wrangler due to low import numbers, around 2,000 units annually. That'll soon change in their favor. The Toledo plant is slated to increase Wrangler output to 350,000 units annually – a 50 percent increase. That's being made possible thanks to Cherokee production moving to the state of Indiana as well as a $700 million investment in the Toledo facility.

And yes, the upcoming Jeep Scrambler will also be sold in the UK and several other overseas markets. At some point, a Wrangler hybrid is expected, but Manley reiterated that a pure EV version is not possible. "A full battery-electric vehicle Wrangler is not relevant. We can't strand one of our vehicles on a remote mountain side." In the meantime, both US and global buyers will also be able to opt for a diesel Wrangler, a first for the former group. We previously reported that Wrangler production will be in full swing come this January, so there's a very good chance that by next summer those UK Wrangler fans (aka Land Rover traitors) will finally have what they've been craving for. Ironically, not long after Land Rover will reveal the reborn Defender.

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