There Never Will be Something Again Like the Ferrari F40

Enzo Ferrari's final masterpiece demands extra respect.

It was the final road car that Enzo Ferrari personally approved and saw through to production. But there are many more reasons as to why the Ferrari F40 is so special. It’s part of a generation of supercars no longer with us: analogue supercars. The F40 has no high-tech computers running the show. No advanced dual-clutch gearbox, or anything else that today’s supercars, notably Ferraris, incorporate. Heck, it doesn’t even have power windows and 'spartan' is really the only way you can describe the rest of the interior.

In the words of F40 expert and former racer, John Pogson, the F40 is "something you strap on. It comes another part of your body." The driver is in complete control and the car will respond to his input. And now Pogson talks to XCAR about his F40 experiences, notably his time racing them.

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