There's A Chance That Renault Will Bring The Alpine To The US


It all rests on one thing.

The Alpine Vision Concept is an exciting vehicle for a number of reasons, a few of which include the fact that it's a lightweight, mid-engined sports car. While Renault hasn't sold cars in the US for a number of years, rumors are floating around that the French automaker might bring the Alpine sports car to the US. At the Geneva Motor Show, Road & Track talked to Managing Director for Alpine Michael van der Sande who revealed that the automaker's sports car may be coming to the US.


"Right now, we're not excluding anything," stated van der Sande. "To us, Alpine is a longer term strategy and in this more premium sports segment, the customer is pretty demanding and pretty expert, so our total focus is doing this right, step by step." Sounds like the car will be promising. "So first, we're doing [a sports car], starting in Europe and then looking at other markets after. We're not excluding anything today, but there's no specific strategy to get to the U.S. today." At least there's some hope. "We really want to make sure that rather than saying 'we're going to launch 10 models in a hundreds countries' and all that good stuff, do it step by step, with this very faithful car to the DNA of Alpine."

From the sound of it, Alpine wants to make sure that the Alpine meets all of the automaker's expectations before agreeing to bring the car to other parts of the world. That's not a bad plan. Alpine's sports car will begin production later this year and will look extremely similar to that of the Vision Concept. Here's hoping that the sports car does well enough in Europe to make it to the US.

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