There's A Chance The BMW M4's Engine Makes It To The M2

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It sounds like an almost decent idea.

Reports keep coming in telling us how great and how popular the new BMW M2 is and that it's set to be an unexpected best-seller for the automaker in every market it's sold in, including here in the US. All things can be improved on though, and that doesn't exclude a car this good. A while back we heard rumors of a new version of the car that may be fitted with the S55 motor sourced from the BMW M4, and speculation was that it would be sold with a CS (Club Sport) badge and not that of a CSL or GTS.

The CS part is also not new to the BMW lineup with a limited edition M4 CS already out there, but oddly only in Spain. The options and spec of that car give great insight to what the BMW M2 CS would be like, that and the other eight CS model names that have been trademarked by BMW. That information sent the BMW underworld of mad fans into a frenzy because there's models coming that people have been hoping for. One place to get the latest information on these things is Bimmerpost, and the site has confirmed the new CS version of the M2 will indeed see fitment of the bigger and more powerful S55 motor, a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter making 425 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque.

Bimmerposts's reliable inside man,Ynguldyn, was quoted as saying: "Actually, I know that the last couple of months y'all have been waiting for something else. Well, your prayers have finally been answered: I can confirm that M2 CS will differ from the regular M2 in exactly the way you wanted. Though it'll be slightly detuned compared to M3/M4, to 400hp." So BMW will go through the effort of putting in the bigger motor that makes 425 horsepower instead of the current motor that makes 365 horsepower, which is a 60 horsepower increase. But then they will detune the S55 motor to 400 horsepower leaving a 25 horsepower gap. The rest of the CS package better be something special.

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