Bloodhound SSC

There's A Damn Good Reason Why This Jaguar F-Type R Is Packing A Parachute

No, Jaguar isn't getting into funny car racing.

The Jaguar F-Type R is doing its part to help the Bloodhound SSC team break the land speed record. It’s the team’s official emergency vehicle and now a new video shows it testing the rocket car's parachute system. According to Andy Green, the RAF pilot who will attempt to break the world record (he set the current one), says testing on the Jag is as good as testing on the real thing. To that end, he takes the F-Type R up to 180 mph to see if the chute works.

Spoiler alert: It does. What we aren’t so sure about is if the results at 180 mph can be replicated at 1,000 mph.

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