There's A Good Chance This Is The Name Of Jeremy Clarkson's New Show

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And it couldn't be more appropriate.

What's been said has been many times over regarding the firing of Jeremy Clarkson from the BBC and, subsequently, Top Gear. However, we're now getting wind of what Jezza's new show, alongside Richard Hammond and James May, on Amazon Prime will be called. According to BuzzFeed, it's called "Gear Knobs." BuzzFeed figured this out by uncovering documents, originally from Clarkson's law firm, which trademarked the name two weeks before the trio announced their signing with Amazon on June 30.

Trademarking the new show's name is essential considering just how much the related merchandising is going to be worth. The Top Gear trademark, for example, is worth an estimated 150,000 pounds a year thanks to DVD sales, live shows, and branded merchandise. The Stig trademark is also owned by the BBC. Speaking of which, BuzzFeed also discovered that the name "Speedbird" was also registered for all related merchandise by Clarkson's crew. Could that be the name of a new character/Stig replacement on "Gear Knobs?" The answers will come in good time.

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