There's A Good Chance This Upcoming M3 Variant Won't Be Sold In The US

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If it even happens at all.

The latest BMW M3 went on sale for model year 2015 and has already been slightly updated for 2016. The M4 coupe and convertible will undergo the same updates. But is there an M3 variant missing from the lineup? BMW apparently seems to think so. According to a report from Slovenian publication Avto Magazin and later picked up by Car Advice, BMW will reveal a near-ready production version of an M3 wagon at Frankfurt this September. Now, BMW has never put an M3 wagon into production before.

The idea for one has been around for some time, as evidenced by an E46 M3 wagon prototype built but never given the production green light. So why now? What's changed? The Audi RS 4 Avant and Mercedes C63 AMG Estate. Both of those cars have experienced solid sales in Europe, and BMW obviously wants to remain fully competitive with its domestic rivals. If the M3 wagon rumors prove to be true this time, will BMW sell it stateside? Probably not, simply because the RS 4 Avant and C63 AMG Estate are already for Europe only.


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