There's A Group Of Challenger Hellcat Fans Begging Dodge To Build This

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Well, begging is always a first step.

It seems lately that whenever an automaker wants to earn some fast cash, it'll build a crossover. Crossovers are trendy right now, just like how the SUV was all the rage in the 90s. And before both, wagons and minivans. The latter is dying fast, but we happen to think wagons are poised for a comeback. And Dodge may just have the perfect (no, more than perfect) wagon-in-waiting: a Challenger Hellcat Wagon. Turns out there's several people, via Twitter, pushing Dodge to make this happen.

They've fallen for a rendering of a Challenger Hellcat Wagon originally created by Present and CEO of SRT and Senior VP of Design for Chrysler, Ralph Gilles, even Tweeted a response: "Wagons are a tough sell in the US & performance ones are extremely niche But loving this interesting feedback." What do you all think? Is a Challenger Hellcat Wagon nothing more than a pipe dream that wagon fans need to get over? Or, could Dodge potentially have the greatest Audi RS 6 Avant fighter ever? Rendering courtesy of

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