Detroit Electric

There's A New Electric Car On The Block And It Has A Lot In Common With Tesla

A standard feature on this car is being an epic wingman.

Chassis number one of Detroit Electric’s SP:01 has finally rolled off of the line at the Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England plant (3,627 miles away from the actual city of Detroit). As the accurate portion of the brand’s name suggests, the car is an electric roadster based off another British car, the Lotus Elise. The car claims some impressive performance figures, including a 155 mph top speed, a 3.7 second sprint from 0-60 mph, and 286 horsepower all derived from a single electric motor and a 37 kWh battery.

If you think this recipe seems familiar then you are correct because this is the same car that Tesla made its debut with when it electrified the Lotus Elise and created the Tesla Roadster. The car actually has some cool features like a four-speed manual transmission, an oddity for an electric car. It even has the ability to look out for you in a power outage. If the lights go out while the car is plugged in, it will send you a text asking if you would like the car to sacrifice its stored electricity and send it to your house. With the car’s cool design borrowed from Lotus and the ability to keep customers in Asia, Europe, and North America Netflixing and chilling when the power is gone, this car does have its upsides despite the $135,000 price tag.

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