There's A Really Good Reason This 918 Spyder Was Turned Into A Ball Pit


Why else would someone stuff a million dollar car's interior with balls?

Why would anyone be crazy enough to fill a Porsche 918 Spyder with plastic balls? For charity of course! Canadian car tuner SR Auto Group came up with a clever way to drive donations to a local food bank. In order to enter, participants must actually travel to SR Auto and bring a nonperishable food item for donation. There is only one entry per person and no donations are taken online or over the phone. To win the prize participants have to guess how many balls are in the 918. If more than one person gets it right (how?) a random drawing will pick the winner.

If no one guesses right, the closest answer will win. The last day to enter is January 27th, and the winner will be announced on the 31st. Unfortunately, the 918 itself is not the prize. The winner will receive an electric Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador. The Aventador would be an excellent present for a child who loves cars. We love the idea of this giveaway and would revel in the opportunity to jump into that 918. It would be even more hilarious to try and drive the car with all of those balls inside. Perhaps one of YouTube's pranksters can attempt it. Unfortunately the 918 is so valuable that these balls will have to be taken out very carefully.

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