There's A Reason This Aston Martin One-77 Costs More Than A Vulcan

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One of Aston Martin's forgotten supercars is up for sale.

Remember the Aston Martin One-77? If you don't that's perfectly alright. This limited edition supercar-only 77 were made-came out a few years back. Since its debut Aston Martin has gone kind of crazy with special editions. Thus the One-77 has been overshadowed by the likes of the Vulcan and the upcoming AM-RB 001. But the One-77 is still plenty special and powerful with its naturally aspirated V12 making 750 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. Getting your hands on one isn't easy, but this example seen here is up for sale.

It's up for sale by Aston Martin Munchen in Munich, Germany. As you'd expect the cost to get your hands on this One-77 is high, as in 2.96 million euros ($3.3 million). That's quite a lot for a car that from the outside looks a bit bland, but rest assured that there's more to this car than just a big V12 engine and a cool name. Its chassis is a full carbon fiber monocoque and the body is made of handcrafted aluminum. That helps it achieve a light curb weight of just 3,594 pounds. Its lack of weight helps it rocket from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, with the One-77 topping out at 220 mph. The limited production run, handmade construction and performance numbers make this car a surefire collector's item.

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Perhaps the only knock against this example is that its chassis number-67-is nothing special. If you're really picky the 1,835 (1,140 miles) kilometers this car has traveled in some five years might set you off as well.

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