There's A Reason Why BMW Cancelled Its Live Reveals At Frankfurt

Because being CEO has its pressures.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is Ground Zero for German automakers to reveal their latest and best new models. It’s a pretty big deal. CEOs, as opposed to other top executives, are often the ones doing the live, standing room only presentations. BMW CEO Harold Krueger was doing just that yesterday when suddenly, during his speech, he collapsed. His staff quickly came to his aid and got him off the stage. Fortunately, Mr. Krueger is just fine, blaming the fainting spell on busy work and travel schedule in recent weeks.

He wasn’t feeling well just before the show but wanted to proceed with the presentation anyhow. BMW immediately cancelled the rest of the day’s live presentations, but it’s possible some will be rescheduled for today sometime. And Mr. Krueger, you’re one truly dedicated man and we wish you well.

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